Logistics & Distribution

Suma Soft has the technical capabilities, resources and infrastructure to support all kinds of present as well as future technological needs of our customers belonging to the logistics sector. Suma Soft helps develop softwares that help to integrate data for goods management. The logistics and distribution industry is constantly looking for cost-effective software solutions to address increasing customer demands.

We help CXO’s deliver the best value for every operation of a logistics firm. Right from enhancing the customer experiences to optimizing the transport management process of logistics firms, we have explicit solutions to empower logistics service providers to improve their service delivery and drive customer centricity. Our logistics software solutions include development, deployment and management of centralized logistics shipping portals with interfaces for leading logistics companies.

Logistics & Distribution
Our Automotive Portfolio includes:
  • Customized Logistics CRM
  • Collaborative Portal Solutions
  • Design & Development & maintenance of Shipment Portal
  • Enterprise Mobility Applications
  • SaaS Application Development

Suma Soft Provides BPO Services To A Leading US-based Supply Chain Management Provider